The Utility of The Perfect Ribbon

We created Stack LLC, and The Perfect Ribbon (our first product line), to save the service member time, money, and to provide him/her the standard expected by military professionals. The brilliance of The Perfect Ribbon is its simplicity and undeniable utility.

There is never enough time in the military. Military uniform products should always focus on saving the service member time through the process of putting together and wearing of a uniform. We feel very strongly that creative products from the uniform accessory market are currently required to gain time back for service members.   

Unlike our privately-owned competitors, we understand and created our product with the tight budget of a service member in mind. The Perfect Ribbon provides cost savings for an entire career. 

We understand the importance of squared away uniforms and uniform military regulations. We also understand that many service members aren’t as skilled with tweezers and glue as they are with a rifle.  We are too!! 

The product is an absolute requirement for service members with attachments on their ribbons. The Perfect Ribbon is a tool created by veterans who understand the importance of time, efficiency, and professionalism in the military.  We know you will love it.